Rethinking Happiness – This Emotional Life on PBS

This is a groundbreaking exploration of happiness. hosted by Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness. He provides the latest wisdom on sources of happiness and  on finding happiness, based on common sense and research.

Daniel Gilbert brilliantly illlustrates two common threads: the importance of human connection, and the importance of how we approach things.

I teach mindfulness meditation for people with long struggles with depression. Many people I see aren’t seeking happiness so much as wishing to reduce the depression, or keep it from coming back. Yet the show sheds much light on this work, to, covering important research on the effects of  meditation on brain waves, research that is encouraged by the Dalai Lama.   How we focus our attention, and how we relate to our thoughts and feelings really matter.

Meditation and mindfulness are among the tools that help people get to happiness, along with good health ,exercise, and…. human connection.

Thank you Daniel Gilbert, the  people who inspired you, the people who funded you, and the many scientists and wise people who did the hard work of really looking deeply into happiness.

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