New MBCT Sangha in NYC – Reserve your seat

NYC Sangha Supporting MBCT Therapists On Their Paths

(Manhattan location to come)

Free, supported by your dana contributions.

Sit with therapists and medical professionals preparing to use MBCT, or teaching already. By forming a supportive sangha group we help each other along the path of personal and professional development.

Welcoming professionals at any of these points:

  • Grads of the 5-day MBCT Intensive at Omega or other locations
  • Professionals who have begun MBCT groups
  • Professionals integrating MBCT into individual practice
  • Professionals planning to learn MBCT

We will sit together, walk together, share our mindfulness experience of the morning, and discuss our hopes around MBCT.

Questions: Donald Fleck 917-202-5148 or

When Sitting With Difficulty is Not Enough: Adding the Action Step

When sitting with difficulty is not enough,  we need to accept the situation, realizing we have done all we can to re-gain perspective.  Then we consider wise action.Without action we miss the power of mindfulness in psychotherapy. The process is explained in Working The Present.


by Donald Fleck, Diplomate in Clinical Social Work  –  Endorsed by Zindel Segal, Ph.D.

Available on Amazon:

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The eBook price is  $6.99.     The print price is  $21.

Book Cover

 Zindel V. Segal, Ph.D., author of

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression,

has endorsed this book:

In Working the Present, Mindfully Based, Donald Fleck succeeds in staying true to the intentions of MBCT while adapting it for use in individual therapy.  The book can be used with clients who have serious mindfulness meditation practices as well as those just getting started, as Fleck has taken many of the core elements of MBCT — the 3-Minute Breathing Space, Kindness and Self-Compassion, Working with Difficulty, Allowing/Letting Be, Thoughts are not Facts, Kindness in Action — and found ways to use them effectively within the basic dyadic encounter.

Packed with clinical vignettes and a user friendly narrative structure, Working the Present, Mindfully Based, provides a clear path towards offering this novel delivery format for MBCT’s key concepts and practices.
Zindel V. Segal, Ph.D., Author of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression 

Read the beginning of this book, or order it, on Amazon.

Pressed for time? Here’s the executive summary…

  1. Aware – We increase our awareness of the present. When we are present, we perceive more, we perceive differently. When our clients are aware, they have stepped out of automatic pilot.
  1. Allow – When we practice allowing our experience to continue, without chasing after it, or running away from it, we find we have more strength to work with it. Same thing for our clients.
  1. Accept – When we accept our experience as it is, just for now, or go a step further and accept ourselves, our energy can move from resistance to relief and finding solutions. Same for our clients.
  1. Act – When ready, we act. Our actions propel us forward in life. Getting the next action right is really important. This is how change starts. This is how change continues. With awareness, allowing, and acceptance we are grounded and better able to choose helpful actions. Clients, too.

© Donald Fleck

Why this book?

Mindfulness-Based therapies are getting a lot of attention these days, to say the least, and they are very effective in a group format. But clients meeting one-on-one expect sessions geared to their unique needs.

So, over the years I have sought out new ways to use the powerful elements of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy within the individual session. They are explained in this book.

Read the beginning of this book, or order it, on Amazon.