Mindfulness Workshop (MB-CT) Starts May 8, 2018

“Your class was probably the turning point in my life. I’ve been meditating regularly since then.” – DM

“It was an incredibly positive experience for me… I practice a lot of the lessons I learned from the workshop in my daily life.” – BD

“Knowing that I am the primary force in my own life gives me a confidence to assert myself.” – KR

This workshop is for people recovering from depression, those with remaining symptoms, and those with generalized anxiety. Participants learn mindfulness practices and cognitive skills to reduce the power of negative thinking, offering stability in general and at difficult moments.

The workshop meets weekly for 8 weeks, offering the complete Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy curriculum. It includes all learning materials and 4 hours of guided meditations for your use.

There will be two groups meeting in the Flatiron area, Tuesday mornings 9-11, and Tuesday evenings 6:45-9:15. May be reimbursable as a mental health expense. The groups are forming now, space is limited.

More information: www.LearnMindfulnessNYC.com

Questions? Call 917-202-5148   or   E-Mail:   info@DonaldFleck.com