MBCT Mindfulness Certification

Lily on calm waters.

Donald is certified to train therapists how to teach Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Want to learn about MBCT? You can get background, research, and training resources here.

MBCT is well established in England and Canada. England, for example, is training 3000 new MBCT teachers as part of a national program to make the workshop more available. In the United States there is no such program.  So, there are many opportunities to introduce the workshop, all over the country.

MBCT may be the most important development in psychotherapy treatment in the past 15 years. It is solidly empirically-based.

In 10 years of offering MBCT in New York City, Donald has taught the 8-week workshop to more than 280 MBCT participants in 34 groups. He offers 3-5 groups per year. Donald believes in collaborating and in sharing his knowledge with other therapists. In New York City, there is room for more groups and teachers.

To become a Qualified teacher, most therapists will

  • Attend a 5-Day residential MBCT training
  • Complete 20 hours of mentorship while teaching an 8-week MBCT group
  • There are exceptions based on your individual situation

This process is administered by the UC Medical School Center for Mindfulness, the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre near London, or the Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice in Bangor, Wales.

After becoming Qualified, there are additional trainings for those who wish to go to the next level, MBCT Certification.

Contact Donald to discuss the process and Mindfulness Mentorship, using the Contact form.