Mindfulness-Meditation Days


One-day retreat with mindfulness-meditation.

Develop calm, focused awareness.

When is the next Mindfulness Day?

Saturday, June 17

10 am-4 pm


Epiphany Library

228 East 23 Street – 3rd floor (elevator in building).   Between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

What goes on?

There will be an emphasis on mindfulness (a focus on now) with some interest in meditation (a focus on breath.) Mindfulness meditation opens a door to greater appreciation of life in the moment.

The emphasis is on learning to be present for two really different reasons. One, in order to experience life more richly. And two, because when we’re focused on the present a miracle occurs: we can’t ruminate about the past or worry about the future.

All will be explained so that the beginner is comfortable. Experienced meditators will also be interested, because this mindfulness-based approach to meditation has a strong emphasis on developing self-compassion through the quality with which we relate to ourselves as we encounter imperfection.

Mornings are for beginners. There’s a lunch break at 12:15. Afternoons are somewhat more advanced, but still good for beginners, if they have attended the morning.

If you need to leave early, that is fine…. busyness calls strongly in these times.

Just show up – no reservations, no cost, chairs available.

Mindfulness gives thinking a break.

Thinking seems functional, but often is isolating…

Recently, I envisioned myself as still water, reflecting all that I experience. Just reflecting, not reacting. In that moment I felt at one with all those around me.

Soon after I started thinking about something. The content doesn’t matter. What matters is that I started thinking. In that moment I felt isolated within myself, separated from all those friends around me.

I went back and forth like that a few times. It reminded me of how thinking feels functional, but often can be a cover-up for fear of encountering others, or fear of encountering anything of the world in the moment.

Join us.

Learn about yourself when thinking isn’t dominating your awareness.