Become a Mindful Therapist and Heal Yourself

Heal yourself through your practice and become a mindful therapist, drawing on  Tara Brach, Mark Epstein, Jack Kornfield, MBCT, MBSR, ACT and DBT therapy.

Donald leads a monthly group for psychotherapists interested in using mindfulness in their practices. The learning group meets Sunday mornings in Brooklyn Heights. If you are interested in joining this group, please use the Contact form.

Mindfulness is increasingly a basic part of the psychotherapy process.  Mindfulness of the present helps clients get out of their regrets for the past, and worries for the future. Working with acceptance versus change helps clients see that it is sometimes helpful to accept what is and work with it, rather than waiting for life to get going at some point in the foggy future.

Mindfulness can inspire any moment of the therapy process, through the basic pause. We might ask the client to pause at a moment of deep emotion, so she can feel it in her body, not push on with a story in the hope of chasing the feelings away.  Or the pause can be used for someone not feeling anything at all, as a way to encourage dropping into feelings or body awareness.

Mindfulness can also guide the entire session, through an understanding of how to work with clients in the moment. We all studied about how in-the-moment therapy is powerful…. well, here’s a tool to implement that.

About Donald

Donald Fleck, MBA, LCSW, DCSW, earned his degrees at Duke, Columbia and Fordham universities.  He trained at  the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (1995-2006), working as  Intern, Psychotherapist, and Supervisor. Donald was awarded the Diplomate in Clincal Social Work by the National Association of Clinical Social Workers in 2007.

Donald has been practicing meditation for 30 years, beginning with trainings by Jack Kornfield and Thich Nhat Hanh, and moving towards a medical practice of mindfulness based on studies with Tara Brach, Zindel Segal, and Susan Woods.  Donald completed both the foundation training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (2008) and the advanced Teacher Training Intensive (2011).  His experiential training was with MBSR facilitator Elaine Retholtz (2009). He is an active participant in Rock Blossom Sangha, and maintains a daily meditation and mindfulness practice.

Donald introduced mindfulness into his psychotherapy practice in 1996 as part of a treatment for panic disorder, and continues to explore additional ways it can supplement traditional therapies, or even be a focus of therapy.  Donald has taught workshops on both Mindfulness and Acceptance for the National Association of Social Workers in New York City, and leads a learning group for psychotherapists interested in using mindfulness in their practices.

Background for you

Psychotherapy Networker Magazine had an issue devoted to mindfulness. One article by Ronald Siegel is available here.

In addition, there are some articles on mindfulness that you might find interesting. They are here.

Your next steps

You might join Donald’s monthly group for psychotherapists wanting to develop their own meditation practice, as well as develop skills of using mindfulness with their clients.

Or, you might see Donald individually for consultation or supervision.

In either case, it starts with a phone call, or just use the Contact form, available here.

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